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Our Partners

Whirligig Brewing Logo.png

The esteemed local brewery in which it all began! Whirligig Brewing is a nanobrewery that keeps our community in the forefront of their work. They craft small batch beers full of character and distinction! Their ingredients  are all locally cultivated here in  Vermont. We guarantee you haven't had anything like what they're brewing! We look forward to future collaborations with this wonderful brewery!


One of our first partners in our efforts to achieve farm-to-table status as much as possible! They provide us with eggs, and when the menu calls for it, lamb! Check out their website to see all of the other wholesome products they provide to our community!

Nicholas Lima.jpeg

A special shoutout to Nico Lima, a local gardener artist who supplies some of our fresh produce and herbs! You can contact him and see more of his art by clicking the photo to the left!

We are proud to partner with Umbrella, a Vermont based non-profit organization that serves the community through workforce development, plus they serve as an essential resource for mothers and families.


Come enjoy some Dolcetti Gelato and know you are supporting 2 local businesses with every bite!

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